About Palm Beach Promotions

Laura Kerbyson founded Carolina Web Development (Hilton Head, SC) in 2012 and then expanded into Florida Web Development (originally in Jacksonville, FL in 2015 before moving to Palm Beach County). Her background is a combination of graphics and computer science and includes 30+ years in marketing, design, web developer, CIO, CMO, VP, full-time professor for 9 years and computer science department head for two major university campuses, and Director of Marketing.

She was the Kickass Webmistress to build Hard Rock Park, a rock-n-roll theme park for Hard Rock that was open one season in 2008. The Eagles opened the park and the signature roller coaster was Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. At the time, Hard Rock Park was the largest collection of rock memorabilia a for the Hard Rock brand. Several years after the park, she raised $750 million dollars for Verve Theme Park, a project she canceled due to drainage issues on the land and lack of governmental transparency.

She was the CMO for three years for the international Kaufmann de Suisse Jewelers on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, which was home to several Guinness Book of World Records pieces. Among her duties was to market to the living queens of the world, celebrities, notable hedge fund managers and the 1 percent.

Her first position in marketing was 3 deep from Jack Welch at a General Electric company (GE Plastic’s Polymerland). She has represented brands such as Lilly Pulitzer and Arnold Palmer Apparel among many others.

Carolina Web Development and Florida Web Development were sold to Blue Diamond Investments with the sale closing by January 1, 2024.  Palm Beach Promotions is based out of Palm Beach County, Florida.

laurakerbyson.com was started in 2004 and is the parent company of Palm Beach Promotions.

Laura Kerbyson

I am happy to announce that it is time to start another full-service marketing and advertising agency in Palm Beach called Palm Beach Promotions. Our focus and inspiration are to provide quality to the client, deliver what is promised and over deliver what the client expects. With having built and sold successful businesses it is time to create another.

Unlike many agencies that are out there with unqualified people, clients can have confidence in knowing that before I began building and running agencies, I was a full-time college professor in computer science and design for 9 years. I have a rock-solid marketing background that has represented many major brands.

My work ethic is one of things that I am most proud of, and clients can and do see a difference in the level of commitment that Palm Beach Promotions brings to the table.

I know that it is often frustrating for businesses when they have had a bad experience with a marketing company. Some have poorly skilled people, some don’t deliver what was promised, some did not treat your business like it was important. I just want you to know that you are the inspiration for creating this company. Palm Beach Promotions is a company that you can trust and who will treat your business like it is our own. Quality and client satisfaction come first. You will always be met with a highly qualified and highly skilled professional who is prepared to bring their “A “game. That is my promise to you.